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Medical Coverage

  • Returning students: MSP + StudyInsured™
  • New 10-month students: StudyInsured™ exclusively for the first 3 months, then MSP + StudyInsured™
  • New 5-month or less students: StudyInsured™ exclusively

What are MSP & StudyInsured™?

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP is the mandatory public health insurance provided by Health Insurance BC for students with a valid study permit.

All 10-month students must provide their study permit to the International in the beginning of school year.

Always present your MSP card when you visit a clinic or hospital.


StudyInsured™ is company that provides our students with private medical insurance. The plan is called the Comprehensive+ Plan.

For students who are awaiting MSP, or who will not be eligible for MSP, the Comprehensive+ Plan will be the only insurance to use.

The 10-month students will use MSP to cover their general medical expenses, and use StudyInsured™ for the eligible medical expenses not covered by the province.

If you do not have MSP and go to a clinic or hospital, please keep the medical notes, ER reports, receipts, and other supporting documents and submit your claim at or submit via email to You can get help with submitting your claim information from the StudyInsured Assistance  24/7 at 1.866.883.9787

Visit our StudyInsured website at for insurance plan details and other resources.


StudyInsured needs to be contacted within 48-hours of any major medical emergency. This includes:

- being admitted to hospital

- surgery of any kind (including dental)

- MRI, CT, or other major diagnostic test

- medical treatment and services outside of Canada


Click Her for the Quick Reference Guide

StudyInsured - In Canada Claim Form