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As is required by the School Act of British Columbia, the Kootenay Lake International Program provides a custodian for each enrolling international student who is not living with a natural parent or legal guardian.  The custodian, as appointed by the Kootenay Lake School District, must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident 25 years of age or older and must reside within the boundaries of the school district.  It is a requirement of the appointed custodian to complete the fill out the Immigration Canada custodial document and sign them in front of a lawyer.  This ensures that the custodian makes arrangements for the care and support of each student in the district homestay program.   The custodian will ensure that the homestay parent knows what to do in the case of an emergency and also that the homestay parent has the permission of the international program custodian to sign permission slips from the school for the student to attend any and all school sanctioned field trips.  

Document to Terminate Custodianship

Custodianship duties will not be covered by the Kootenay Lake School District International Progam Staff beyond the educational program calendar as outlined in the school act.  Should a student decide to stay for a vacation after the completion of their educational progam in our district, the termination of custodianship document provided below must be signed and returned to the program by the natural parents and students before the end of the educational program.  Situations that will require a termination of custodianship are listed below.  However, there may be other circumstances requiring termination of custodianship and should you

Conditions Requiring the Termination of Custodianship:

  • the student stays beyond the completion date of the educational program to have a vacation
  • the student is dismissed from the homestay program for misconduct or violation of Canadian law
  • the student transfers to another district or country to begin a different educational program
  • the student leaves the program for undisclosed reasons either hastily or as planned and supported by the natural parents