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Homestay Opportunities

International Program International students have been attending schools in the Nelson area since 1999. The acquisition of English as a second language is very important to our students and being immersed in an English speaking environment is an ideal situation for learning an additional language. In order to attend Nelson schools, our international students need to be matched up with local families who will adopt them as one of their own. Our international students will benefit from the once in- a-life-time opportunity of taking part in daily living and family activities which will further enhance the student language skills, as well as enrich their Canadian cultural experience. Many of our host families have returned year after year to take on new students as they find the experience so rewarding and enlightening.

Homestay setting must offer students:

  • a clean, safe and well organized living environment
  • a private bedroom which includes a comfortable bed, study desk or table, dresser, closet, lamp
  • a computer for student to use or ability for student to connect to the wi-fi with their own device or laptop and internet access (wi-fi is preferable)
  • airport pick-up and delivery in Castlegar for their international student. 

Homestay parents must offer students:  

  • three substantial meals a day and nutritious snacks
  • help with reasonable transportation requests by the student 
  • airport pick up upon arrival into the program and drop off on exit from the program.  This does not include student choice vacations at Christmas or other holidays.  
  • opportunities to participate in family activities
  • support in joining cultural, athletic and community activities
  • the guidance and emotional caring reasonable to expect of adults who are assuming responsibility for the care of a young person who is far from their own family
  • support to improve spoken English through conversation, movie viewing together and discussion of the movie, story books read by the student to younger children or vice versa, etc.  

Benefits of Homestay

  • Experiencing a foreign culture in the comfort of your own home
  • Cultural education and tolerance of differences.
  • Making global friendships and global connections.
  • Seeing your own home and city through the wondrous eyes of an international students
  • Embracing the challenge of teaching someone conversational English through everyday interactions.
  • $850 per month reimbursements of costs to cover food, lodging, etc.

What can a homestay family expect from the International Program staff?

  • Orientation support for new students to learn the rules and expectations for the program.
  • Orientation support for homestay families new to the program to prepare them for their adventure and answer any questions
  • Email newsletters and updates
  • Planned group activities
  • Medical coverage

Host Family Agreement 2018

A “family” can consist of a single host mother or father, older retired couple, couples without children, family with both parents working outside the home or a traditional nuclear family with children and a stay-at-home parent.

Our families must have the time to be involved with the student as they would be with their own child – provide a home-away-from-home.

Most of our students are teenagers and as such will need the support of a caring and often flexible homestay environment to build trust and responsibility.

Host families are paid $850 in two installments each month - one in the middle (14th -15th of the month) and the other one at the end of each month. Since this amount is intended to cover expenses for hosting a student or students, this reimbursement does not have to be claimed as income tax but cannot be awarded in advance of the student's stay in the home.