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School District #8 International Program

Experience a quality education in a friendly, caring and supportive environment

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  • Academic programs for students from grades 4 to 12
  • 10 elementary and 7 secondary schools
  • Supportive and friendly homestays
  • World class ski hill and large, clean lake
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Where is Nelson?

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Situated in the Selkirk Mountains of Southern British Columbia, Canada, Nelson and Area boasts great skiing in the winter and a large, freshwater lake suitable for swimming and watersports in the summer. It’s a student’s paradise!


The best part for me has been my host family who have helped me in so many ways and this includes working through problems with friends and keeping an open mind when living in a new culture. The teachers here are really great and kind. They really seem to like their students and help them more than they do at home in Germany. This year has been incredible and I shall miss Nelson with its incredible skiing and friendly, kind people.

Nina Gauggi – Germany – June 2012


“I came to a small school and community because my parents and I knew there would be a better opportunity to learn English faster and better.  What I love about this place was that there was no bias about me being from a foreign country.  There was no pressure in making friends – it was easy to do because the Canadians here are so accepting and interested in me.”

Eva Peiji Song – China – June 2012


“I chose to come to Nelson because it is a calm, safe place where there are not too many international students like in other big Canadian cities.  The teachers here are nice and the Canadian students are friendly and interested in me and my life.  I have the perfect homestay family.  Jana cares a lot about me and she is a really good cook so the food is great.”

Chang Mo KIM – South Korea – June 2013


“I chose to come to Nelson because it was a small city with lots of activities like a city center.  I immediately was able to make good friends and being part of the rugby team was fantastic.  My coach really supported me and make my time here so relaxed and enjoyable.  There was no stress in school because the learning is more practical and not just memorizing.”

Leonard Fetscher – Germany – June 2013


“I really liked graduation – and feel that everyone should try it.  I can speak English fluently now and I am not afraid anymore to talk to the local kids or adults in English – that is how much I have improved.  Awesome eh?  Now it is easy to make friends! I got accepted to the University of Toronto which is fantastic which shows how good the school is here.”

Oasis Zhang – China – June 2012

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