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Travel Opportunities

Kootenay Lake School District 8 offers opportunities for domestic students and staff to expand their experiences and develop their intercultural skill sets. 

The Kootenay Lake School District School Board has approved two courses:

  1. Global Intercultural Skills (4 Credits)
  2. Global Intercultural Experiences (4 Credits)

Some years allow students to participate in exchanges with a variety of schools overseas.

Possilbe exchange destination opportunities may include China, India, Nepal, Turkey, and Mexico. 

Kootenay Lake School District Staff are often needed for supervision on these trips. The amount of work varies, depending on the trip. It may include:

  1. pre-trip planning and student meetings
  2. various supervision responsibilities in the country
  3. post-trip actvity
  4. supporting the student return exchange
  5. assisting students with presentations upon return (i.e. SD8 School Board, individual school presentation, etc)

Most travel costs are covered, but staff are responsible for their own spending money and some food/snacks/beverages. All costs should be clarified when staff apply.  Interested staff should send an email of interest to Jann schmidt ( 

The international program will advertise through district mail when opportunities arise. Pay attention to deadlines. The selection process will include an interview. Refer to this rubric that will be used for the interviews.