Student Support


Learning in a second language can often require more time and support for some students.  Should a student need tutoring support, the parents in the home country need to agree to this support as there is a fee assessed outside of the tuition fees already paid.  If a student needs a tutor, the process is as follows:

  • Recommendation comes from the agent to the program administrator.
  • Program adminstrator contacts the homestay contractor to notify the family.
  • The program administrator contacts the tutor with student and homestay information.
  • The tutor contacts the student to set up a weekly schedule.

Mental health

The majority of students who come to Canada have an amazing experience and thrive in their new environment with us.  However, sometimes students come to our program in the hopes that some of their personal struggles will be fixed. Instead, an abroad experience may make their struggles worse due to a lack of ability to communicate effectively in English.

Even students without prior issues may feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Whenever a student is struggling with adjustment to a new culture, culture shock, depression, anxiety, gaming or substance addiction they should visit the school counselor for support. This free and non-judgemental support is available at each school. 

At any time that a school counselor feels the student needs extra support, the student may be directed to seek outside counselling services. The BC government has 24 hour support services for students. 


All of our short and long term students are covered by GuardMe medical or BC Medical.  Their homestay contractor will provide them (or their family, depending on their age/maturity) with a card and procedures to follow if they feel unwell. It's important for students to share their health concerns with homestay family or Contractor, so they can access medical care when it is needed. 


Welcome to your new life in the Kootenay Lake School District.  We are so delighted that you have chosen our district for your Canadian learning and living experience.  Homestay is a very important component in our program as being happy in the home is really important to the overall success of a student's time in Canada.  A homestay contractor will be assigned to each student and will meet with each student individually each month in a private conversation outside of the homestay home, to ensure that the student is safe and happy in their homestay.  After the meeting, the homestay contractor will write a report that will be sent to the student's parents each month so that the family knows what is being done on a regular and consistent basis to ensure the support of their son or daughter.  The homestay contractor will be responsible for creating the best match with a host family and the student/parents will be able to choose from a maximum of 3 different profiles for the student which will be sent one at a time.  Know that the first profile is almost always the best match as seen by the homestay contractor who has read the student application carefully and knows homestay families well.  Once a match is made, the student will be able to email the new host family once the match has been confirmed.  The government of BC has a document of homestay guidelines to ensure homestay success for everyone involved.  It can be translated into many different languages so please click on the link provided here to find out more about how to be successful with a homestay family.  We are so very proud of our homestay program as we exceed the government guidelines in every category.  


Student Handbook

Homestay Handbook