Intercultural Ambassador Club at LVR

Ambassador Program

Who are we? 

We are domestic and international students and staff who want to create a school community that is kind, caring, welcoming and friendly.  We act as school hosts/ambassadors to students who may not feel connected to the school community for any number of reasons.  We work together to create ideas and provide activities that make the school more welcoming and inclusive than it already may be.  

How do I become part of this group? 

The start of the school year is an important time to make connections with new friends and old.  School announcements by sponsoring Ambassador Club teachers or education assistants will direct you as to when the meetings will take place at the school and where.  

What kinds of activities and events do we share? 

There is often a camping trip to start the year and this is a great event for everyone.  You may also be asked to help in the following ways:  

  • Introduce new international or domestic students at assemblies
  • Plan activities for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Lunar New Year celebrations, St. Patrick's Day, Salsa dancing lessons, international food events, etc. 
  • Support new international students during orientations by providing a tour of the school, show how the locker system works, and being a support for the international students at lunch and breaks
  • Learn about other cultures from the international students and take part in language sessions to learn new phrases from other languages
  • Provide homework support whenever possible
  • English support and peer tutoring
  • Social events outside of the school such as going to a movie etc. 

Domestic and International students are encouraged to take the out-of-timetable Global Intercultural Studies (GIS) course. Having both domestic and international students studying this curriculum together leads to robust and dynamic discussions around culture! Students can sign up for the course through traditional course selections, or by contacting the instructor, Kathi Knapik ( 

How often does the group meet? 

This will vary from school to school but most likely there will be formal meetings once or twice a month.  However, the commitment once a relationship has been formed may mean a touch base with a new friend each day for a short period of time. 

Becoming a Welcoming School Information for Staff and Students