Academic - One Semester

Our half year program is modeled after our academic full year program, however, students enrolled in this program have the option of following the academic program or they may choose courses designed to build up their functional oral and technical

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Academic - Two Semesters

Our academic program enrolls students from grades 4 to 12. Students enrolled in this program will take the required courses prescribed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education in order to lead to a Dogwood Graduation Diploma.

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Biking Academy

The biking academy at LV Rogers Secondary School is an experience of a lifetime for everyone from beginner biker to advanced.  In this program you will learn various skills surrounding the world of mountain biking.  This includes riding

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Dance Academy

This intensive year long course at LV Rogers Secondary integrates advanced technique classes in ballet and modern dance technique with the Choreography 10-12 curriculum.

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Rugby Academy

The LV Rogers Rugby Academy continues to gain popularity at the provincial and national levels and our learners have received offers to continue playing at post-secondary institutions and club teams.

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Volleyball Academy

Volleyball Academy at LV Rogers is designed for students whit a passion for volleyball, and is an opportunity for juniors (Gr 9/10) to enhance their level of play and understanding of the the game and for seniors (Gr 11/12) to refine their skills

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