Golden Travel Opportunities

Outgoing Programs

Kootenay Lake School District 8 offers some golden opportunities for domestic students and staff to stetch their intercultural skill sets with travel to different countries around the world.  There are opportunities to travel to China, India, ew Zealand, and Mexico. 

These golden opportunities are just that - GOLDEN.  Whenever there is a teacher, principal, or CUPE staff needed to supervise a trip overseas with students, an email from the International Program will be distributed via the superintendent of schools to every person in the district.  Once notification has been sent by the superintendent, all staff will be asked to send an email of interest to Jann Schmidt ( and state why they are interested in the trip.  For each trip, it will vary as to the amount of work needed to support the students prior to, during, and after return home from the trip.  There is an understanding that staff will support students in creating a presentation on the return from being overseas about the high points, challenges and life changing attitudes from the intercultural experience.  All staff expenses are covered by the international program but selected staff will be responsible for their own spending money and some meals/coffee, etc.   A deadline will be posted in the email requesting volunteers for each trip.  After the deadline, a notice will be sent out to each participant to notify them of their interview time.  The rubric that will be used for the interviews is the same one for each trip but the scenarios will differ.   

Learn more about the opportunities that exist: 

BCCIE/BIEE trip to Beijing China
  • Visit the BCCIE Website (British Columbia Council for International Education) for information on how to apply.
GIE Oaxaca Service Learning Trip and course

To apply for the service learning trip to Oaxaca Mexico, please contact Kathi Knapik by email and state your interest in the trip and why you think you would be a good candidate for this program.  Kathi will respond to you with further instructions and steps.