All orientations for new students will be done in the following ways:

  1. Students will receive by email, before they arrive in Canada, a pre-arrival orientation for navigating airports and for how to adapt to Canada. This will come in the form of an app entitled, Kootenay Lake Arrival. Please make sure your students download this app onto their personal devices, phones or ipads.
  2. All students will receive an in-school orientation on the first day of school in the school in which they have been enrolled. School and program staff will deliver the orientation to new students and help them to be prepared for the rest of the school week and year.
  3. All students will be invited to take part in a rafting event which is one of our most loved activities. This helps students to enjoy fun time together with other international students and helps to build self- esteem by doing something that they have never done before.
  4. Finally, a homestay orientation will take place in the privacy of the homestay home with the student, host parents and homestay contractor during the first month after arrival. This is a good time to set expectations and make sure the students are comfortable in their new homes.