COVID-19 Pre-arrival

Fit to Fly

Travel and Arrival Protocols for 2021-2022.......

Canada requires a negitive PCR COVID test prior to departing. Click here for a link to the Canadian travel website.

It is up to the family or travel agent to confirm that any transiting country's COVID requirements are met (if applicable).

Checklist for Carry on Baggage

Required Documents

  1. Study Permit (which includes the eTa)
  2. Custodianship Declaration Custodian Canada (printout from pdf)
  3. Copy of Custodianship Declaration Parents
  4. Letter of Consent for Travel of Minor Child
  5. Unaccompanied minor assistance & handling waiver form
  6. Non-discretionary /non optional education travel letter (attached and NEEDs editing)
  7. Quarantine Self Isolation Plan
  8. Signed copy of the last page of the Fit to Fly document to confirm understanding of IRCC quarantine requirements and agreement (please send us a copy for our files in case IRCC calls us).
  9. Receipt SD8 Homestay Quarantine fee ($500)
  10. Receipt SD Homestay, Tuition fee, health Insurance fee (about $25.000)
  11. Travel and Arrival Protocol signed with witness from Parents and Student and Witness
  12. SD8 School acceptance letter and confirmation -LOA

Download Checklist

Letters of Support

SD8 Non-discretionary_non-optional_Travel Letter