Program Orientation Outline for September 1 and  2,  2017


Day 1 of orientation for International Program Students
Location: LVR multipurpose room on main floor not far from the office

Kootenay Lake, BC Canada
  • 9:00 am Introductions: International Program Staff
    • Sandy Prentice
    • Lindsay Robertson ELL Itinerant teacher
    • Homestay contractors
    • Superintendent of schools

9:15 am — Welcome — getting acquainted and connecting
Individual students: getting to know each other and contact information-email, social media, telephone, etc., choice for rafting

9:30 am Canadian Culture-setting you up for success
• Topics: School-facts, similarities, differences
• Building relationships: peers, teachers, counselors
• Activities: Intramural and Extra-Curricular involvement
• Activities-program (free for international student)
• Banff, Calgary, Lake Louise trip or Kelowna –cost per student

10:30 am Homestay-embracing the experience
• Scenarios in groups — what to do — problem solving
• Topics: Province of BC homestay guidelines Medical Identification and contractor information
• Problem Solving
• Bank accounts, bus passes, ski and fitness passes

11:.45 am    Bagging it in Canada-how to make a bag lunch

12:00 noon Lunch-creating a Canadian Lunch

12:45pm     English Testing (Global) and Interculturalization Activities with Sandy

2:00 pm      Trust and leadership activities – Lindsay

3:00 pm      Dismissal from LVR pick up at this location

Day 2—-River Rafting

What to Bring for your trip on the Slocan River:

  •  Hats for the sun, sunscreen, water, lunch
  • Shorts and t-shirts or bathing suits to wear for the trip
  • Extra sweater if it’s cloudy or cold that day – synthetic material is best; cotton is not as good.
  • In the early season and on chilly days we will provide wetsuits and or spray jackets to keep you warm. The best thing to wear under a wetsuit is a bathing suit (thin fabric is more comfortable).
  • Good Footwear is Very Important! Not Flip-Flop sandals or holey soles (crocs). Sport sandals with straps around the heel, water shoes, wet suit booties, or just running shoes are all fine. Whatever it is it will get wet, but it must not fall off in the water.
  • Towel and a change of clothes for afterwards.


See You on the River!