Homestay and Recruiters

Homestay Opportunities
International Program International students have been attending schools in the Nelson area since 1999. The acquisition of English as a second language is very important to our students and being immersed in an English speaking environment is an ideal situation for learning an additional language. In order to attend Nelson schools, our international students need to be matched up with local families who will adopt them as one of their own. Our international students will benefit from the once in- a-life-time opportunity of taking part in daily living and family activities which will further enhance the student language skills, as well as enrich their Canadian cultural experience. Many of our host families have returned year after year to take on new students as they find the experience so rewarding and enlightening.
What does the homestay family provide?
It is expected that our homestay families provide a private bedroom, three meals per day plus snacks and drinks, and airport pick-up and delivery in Castlegar for their international student. In return, the host family will be paid a monthly fee of $850.00 per month. Each student will be given an internet account and access at their respective schools.
Benefits of Homestay
  • Experiencing a foreign culture in the comfort of your own home Cultural education and tolerance of differences
  • Making global friendships and global connections. Seeing your own home and city through the wondrous eyes of an international students
  • Embracing the challenge of teaching someone conversational English through everyday interactions.
  • $850 per month remuneration to cover the cost of food and utilities
Responsibilities of a Homestay Family
  • To help our students learn to speak English
  • To provide a safe nurturing environment
  • To provide a private bedroom
  • To provide regular meals, snacks, and drinks
  • To clearly outline all family routines and treat our students as though they were one of your own children
  • To pick up on arrival date and deliver on departure dates each student to the Castlegar airport.
  • To provide a Canadian cultural experience
Interested in becoming a host family?
Complete our Homestay Application
What can a homestay family expect from the International Program staff?
  • Orientation support for new students to learn the rules and expectations for the program
  • Orientation support for homestay families new to the program to prepare them for their adventure and answer any questions
  • Email newsletters and updates
  • Planned group activities
  • Medical coverage
  • Problem solving and discipline support
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Homestay Contractors

Ingrid Savard
Homestay Contractor (Nelson)
Phone: (250) 354-8865

Shawna Hart
Homestay Contract (Nelson)
Short Term Programs
Phone: 250-608-2365

Jo-Anne Schultz
Homestay Contractor
Phone: 250-428-6021

SD8 Kootenay Lake Recruiters

Ingrid Savard
Phone: 250-354-8856

Yoshiko Pelant
Phone: 250-505-4491