Coming to Canada

Interculturalism is a theme, probably the
major theme, which needs to inform the
teaching and learning of all subjects.
D. Coulby

Flight information into the Kootenay Lake District

OPTION 1: Transfer in Vancouver to one of the following airlines for a flight to Castlegar, BC, (which is only a 30 minute drive to Nelson) • Air Canada Jazz offers 3 flights per day: Website: Flight 8246 8:20 Flight 8248 12:00 Flight 8250 14:00 OPTION 2: Travel to Vancouver, then transfer flight into Trail, BC, which is a one hour drive to Nelson, BC. • Pacific Coastal Airlines offers 2 flights daily: Website: www. Flight 401 8:45 Flight 411 15:10 This airline flies into Trail, BC, which is also close to Nelson. The delightful thing about this airlines is that they will do group charters as required and requested by the customers. This is a really good choice for a group flight and they are willing to negotiate on the price. OPTION 3:Fly to Vancouver, BC, and then transfer flight to Cranbrook, BC. • Air Canada Jazz offers several flights daily: Website: Flight #s AC8213, 8215, 7253, 8302, 8312, 7255 All of our students are picked up at the airport by their homestay contractors and in most cases, by their homestay families. This is not a cost to the student as it is a service provided by the program. If you have any further questions please contact Sandy Prentice at your convenience.